Saturday, 27 October 2012

Indetifying My Interests: Job Futures

Identifying Your Interests: Job Futures
Real Estate Agent (NOC 6232)

Low Wage: $10.25/hr
Median Wage: $19.23/hr
High Wage: $31.20/hr

Outlook is N/A

A real-estate license is require for anyone who is pursuing the career. Usually, they must also pass a real-estate training course, as well they must complete secondary school.

Insurance Agents and Brokers (NOC 6231)
Low Wage: $15/hr
Median Wage: $21.51/hr
High Wage: $35.90/hr

In the Toronto the outlook for 2012-2012 is expected to be fair. Commission is an important form of compensation, and new entrants may have trouble finding and securing a client base.

Must become a licensed insurance agent in Ontario by obtaining a license from their regulatory bodies.

Dental Hygienist (NOC 3222)
Low Wage: $20.37/hr
Median Wage: $35/hr
High Wage: $42/hr

In the Toronto area from 2011-2013 the employment prospects are expected to be quite limited. It is quite a small occupation compared to others. Greater public awareness of preventative oral health-care, will definitely add up to more work opportunities for new entrants.

There are 20 accredited dental hygiene programs in Ontario. They must complete a college program ranging from one to three years. Licensing from appropriate regulatory body is required for this profession.